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Communication Systems – Analog and Digital

Article by Euclide Communication Systems: When we try to find definition of communication, the most common definition we find is it is the process of conveying meaningful information. The communication process includes a sender, a message and a recipient. But when the message sender and recipient are on distance then we need some systems to [...]

Important Factors In Communication Training

Article by Codi Morieta Good skills in communication are essential not just in business, but also in everyday life. To be an effective communicator, you must have real communication skills. These skills need to be honed, developed, and practiced on a continuous basis. These compose the center of interpersonal skills. The greater the awareness concerning [...]


Article by Golden Team COMMUNICATIONThe art of expressing ones thoughts either verbally or non-verbally is called Communication. It is an activity that conveys information to the receiver from the sender. For information to be clear and precise it is necessary to the sender to make sure that there are no hindrances while communicating. IMPORTANCE OF [...]

Multiple face of An Internal Communication Professional

Article by Lee Smith

How Skype has changed the way we communicate

Article by Mark Gwilliam How Skype has changed the way we communicateCommunication is the act of transmitting thoughts, opinions, ideas, and information (the message) from one person (the communicator) to another (the receiver). It is a process that requires a medium. Traditional communication mediumTraditionally, business management communicated with employees through written memoranda. The boss would [...]

Marketing Communications

In recent days, competition in the market has been very stiff thus calling for business entities to look for the best marketing communication strategies. Significantly, it has been realized that, the issue of modern technology and liberalization of markets has led to significant developments in the strategies business adopt to market their products. Precisely, the [...]

Purposeful Communications

The best salespeople have a plan. The customer always feels like there is momentum in the relationship, and knows where things stand at any given time. Some of the best salespersons that I’ve had the pleasure of working with always ensured that each piece of communication had a stated purpose for occurring. A phone call [...]

Technology & Communication

A study a couple of years ago found that 63% of executives were making fewer business trips because of technology. Instead of a plane trip, face-to-face meetings and a plane trip back, they used email, videoconferencing, or online meetings, according to the Accountemps study. If you’re a manager who’s spending less time with a [...]

Positive Communication

Who likes to argue? Who wants to be talked about unkindly? Who wants to be brought down all the time? What about talking about someone behind their back? No matters the level or content – all of these are verbal abuse. As a woman, none of this is expected to come to you. Unfortunately, contrary [...]

Communication Gadgets

Communication is one of the main things we cannot live without. Exactly how should we express ourselves, send information, or even talk to somebody without speaking? Due to its importance, our ways of connection has been increased by specialists and inventors. These types of frequent platforms are the types that people use everyday so that [...]